CYKE P9 Universal Stretchable Hidden One-piece Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick(Pink)

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1. The height is 30cm higher than that of the ordinary selfie stick. The framing is larger, the multi-person photos are not pressed, and the tripod can be installed freely (sold separately).
2. The clip can be rotated by 90 degrees to support horizontal/vertical shots, and the vertical shot is even smaller.
3. The 7-section stainless steel can be flexibly adjusted in length, and the distance can be taken as a photo. You can take a half-length photo or a full-length photo.
4. The anti-slip bracket is firmly clamped, and the soft rubber anti-skid pad + spring design provides safety protection for the mobile phone. Please use it gently.
5. The shaft is light and strong, and the pressure is not deformed and it is prevented from shaking.
6. Can be used as a mobile phone stand to watch videos and live broadcasts anytime, anywhere.
7. Retractable storage shaft, folded storage phone clip, easy to pull out through the lanyard, convenient and simple.
8. Adapt to most common mobile phone models and photo app on the market, such as: Beauty Camera / Meitu Xiu Xiu / Vibrato.

1. Material: ABS + stainless steel.
2. Size: 169x29mm.
3. Stretching length: 168-1000mm.
4. Operating system: iOS and Android.
5. Features: Hide the integrated self-timer.
6. Horizontal/centered vertical shot.
7. Support for tripod connection (sold separately).
8. Bluetooth connection Bluetooth 4.1.
9. 55mAh battery capacity.
10. Support the rear camera to take pictures.

This product does not have a remote control and needs to be purchased separately.

Packing list:
Selfie stick x 1
USB charging cable x 1
Operating instructions x 1

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