MC-M1 Lavalier Omnidirectional Capacitance Recording Video Microphone, Length: 6m

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1. Use on the phone and pull the microphone switch to the OFF SMARTPHONE position.
2. On the Apple phone, the sound is the best, almost no background noise, plug and play.
3. There will be a slight rustling noise when used on an Android phone.
4. Mode switcher, easy to switch between phone mode and SLR mode.
5. 6 meters long line to meet the needs of different occasions.
6. The lavalier microphone is ideal for live broadcasts, lectures, teaching, etc.
7. Omnidirectional microphone: 360-degree recording, effectively shielding most of the ambient noise.
8. Can be used for digital teaching, interview recording, conference speech, video presentation and other occasions.
9. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Before using it on a SLR camera, camcorder, amplifier, or computer, you must install the battery and turn the microphone switch to the CAMERAS position. When you are finished, you should dial back to the OFF SMARTPHONE position.

Product specifications:
1. Type: condenser microphone.
2. Full length: 6m.
3. Directivity: Omnidirectional.
4. Sensitivity: -30dB+/-3dB.
5. Frequency response: 65Hz-18kHz.
6. Signal to noise ratio: greater than 74dB.
7. Power: Button battery section.
8. Weight: 20.5g.
9. Interface: Standard universal 3.5mm jack.
10. Use the device: Apple phone, Android phone, SLR camera, iOS system, voice recorder, camera, etc.

Packing list:
Microphone x 1
LR44 battery x 1
1/4 inch audio adapter x 1
Spare sponge cover x 1
Spare clip x 1
Storage bag x 1
Instruction manual x 1

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Carton Size 46cm * 47cm * 44cm / 18.11inch * 18.5inch * 17.32inch
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40HQ: 650 cartons * 165 pcs = 107250 pcs

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