TC1 Wide-angle Mobile Portable Inscription Device With Remote Control, Mobile Phone Reminder

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1. Compatible with smartphones, tablets and cameras, very suitable for live broadcasting, hosting, voice, video recording, online teaching, etc.
2. It is made of high-quality glass with high light transmittance, which is clearer and makes the font reflection clear and easy to read. The speaker can also face the lens when watching the line, which reduces the occurrence of NG and effectively improves work efficiency.
3. Easy to install and easy to operate, lectures, real-time interviews, real-time streaming, vlog, video blogs and other activities. , A good helper for online teachers, moderators, etc. During the recording process, you can see the handwritten manuscript through the teleprompter, with your eyes only looking at the camera, without moving your eyes, which is convenient to carry, and you can record anytime and anywhere.
4. It comes with a phone holder and a tablet holder, which is suitable for most mobile phones and tablets on the market, and supports horizontal and vertical shooting. Mobile phone phome recording can freely switch the position of the stand, and adjust the horizontal and vertical shooting according to the shooting needs.
5. Teleprompter designed for smart phones and digital SLR cameras.
6. Equipped with BT remote control and 8 lens adapter rings for different lenses, rich accessories can bring you an excellent experience. Comes with a remote control that can be connected to your smartphone for more flexible and convenient operation. Support IOS and Android App. The remote control can also control other teleprompter applications.
7. The folding teleprompter is light in weight, easy to store and carry. Compatible with smartphones, tablets and cameras, it is very suitable for live broadcasting, hosting, voice, video recording, online teaching, etc.

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