Yunteng YT-888 Handheld Selfie Stick Monopod + Bluetooth Remote Shutter Clip for Phone

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1.With an adjustable and removable soft phone clip, 270 degree rotation angle, suitable for smartphones with a width of 5.5cm to 8.5cm.
2.With 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom, it can be fixed on the mini tripod.
3.Extendable aluminum pole with locks allows you to adjust its length from 16.5cm to 69.5cm, very flexible.
4.Equipped with a wireless remote control, which can be removed from the handle, very easy and convenient to operate.
5.The remote control is suitable for phones with IOS 5.0 or above system (without zoom function) and Android 4.3 or above system (the volume key is the zoom key).
6.High quality handle with soft rubber surface, non-slip and more comfortable.
7.The remote control can be charged over the included USB cable.
8.Mini size, domes with a hand string, very convenient to carry and store.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.28kgs / 0.63lb
Qty per Carton 106
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 32cm * 39cm / 35.43inch * 12.6inch * 15.35inch
Loading Container 20GP: 237 cartons * 106 pcs = 25122 pcs
40HQ: 551 cartons * 106 pcs = 58406 pcs

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